Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nora Hendrix: "So, let me see, it could be back in 1918, as far back as I can think back, when we first taken that church over on Jackson Avenue. I don't know who had it before, but when we saw that we could be able to get this church, well everyone then started in, working together. All the families and everybody that wanted a church, we all got together, and commence working for it to get this church started. And some of the men, they intercede and got ahold to the high-ups in the States, and they always from the States, we got all our preachers and residing elders all come from over in the States. That's where the head office of that church was, the A.M.E. [African Methodist Episcopal] it was called." (Opening Doors, 59). These are two photographs of what was once the AME Fountain Chapel, which Nora Hendrix -- Jimi Hendrix's grandmother -- co-founded over eighty years ago. At that time Vancouver's black community took it over from the Norweigan Lutherans. Before they had it, it had been a German Lutheran Church. In 1985 the AME sold it to its present owners, the Basel Hakka Lutheran Church.


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